Mask Requirements and Covid protocols: 

Just wanted to update you on the decision that Fr. Stan has made about Covid-19 protocols.  Many options were considered, and with all the different messaging of businesses, the CDC, and other places, I wanted to communicate clearly the expectations of Fr. Stan at this point.  Masks are still required for all masses for the time being.  The spacing in the pews will be reduced to every other pew so that more people can be accommodated in the church.  All other protocols will remain in place.  Fr. Stan will readdress the issue in June.   We will still maintain the same distancing requirements in the choir area.  

As a reminder, you are invited each Sunday to sing and/or play for the mass.  Please arrive 30 minutes prior to mass for prayer/warmup/rehearsal.  

This Sunday is Pentecost, so if you can, please wear RED.  

Thank you for your cooperation, and participation as you are able.  To those who have not yet returned, please know of my care and concern for you. You are welcome to return whenever you feel ready.  You can always space yourself further from others if it makes you more comfortable.  

May God continue to hold us, guide us, protect us and bless us.