Important Dates Coming Up: 

Contemporary Ensemble has been invited to join with the Adult Choir for the Virtual Rochester Community Christmas Concert this year which will be recorded at St. Andrews prior to the air date of the concert.  We will sing: “Love Has Come” and “The Wassail Song” (Love and joy come to you, and to you your wassail too… etc) Because of this, it will require some combined rehearsals to make sure we sing well together. Here is the schedule.  (Instruments are also invited to play for the recording.)  We will also record “Hallelujah Chorus” which will be combined with all the other groups to make a “masses chorus” effect for the last song of the concert.  (We’ll be rehearsing these three songs for the most part.) 

Thursday, October 27th- Combined Adult and Contemp Rehearsal  

6pm Contemporary Meets to rehearse- 6:45pm- Adult Choir joins Contemporary Ensemble to rehearse 7:30p- Adult choir stays to finish rehearsal and then Contemp Ens  can leave. 

Sunday, Oct 31- Combined rehearsal 10am-10:30am (Adult and Contemp)
Monday, November 1st: 7pm Mass for All Saints Day (6:30pm call time)
No rehearsal on Thursday, Nov 4th for either group 

I’ll be at St. Andrew this night participating in the music for the commissioning mass with the Bishop for the newly formed “Family of Parishes.” 

Sunday, Nov. 7 – Combined rehearsal 10am-10:30am (Adult and Contemp) 
Monday, Nov 8th – 8-9pm Recording for Christmas Concert at St. Andrew (1400 Inglewood Ave, Rochester)


Thank you for your willingness to combine forces for this great Community Christmas Concert.  I appreciate all of your efforts and your contributions of time and talent to make our worship as great as it is.  I am blessed and lucky to be working with all of you at St. Mary’s.