Singing and Music Turn-in : 

Please note: We will not be singing/playing or practicing for the next several weeks because of the dramatic uptick in COVID-19 cases in Michigan.  Just yesterday, there were over 9,000. new cases reported, and we know the new variants are now prevalent in our state.  It is my plan to resume singing/playing on Sundays sometime in May, but we’ll see if we get our numbers under control before I make any decision about when we can resume.  We need to remember that most of the Catholic churches in our area have not allowed for choirs to sing at all during the entire pandemic, so taking a few weeks off to be sure we are safe shouldn’t be considered a hardship.  It is a time to remember that this pandemic is not over, and that small sacrifices on our part should be seen as an act of loving our neighbor.  We will resume soon.  

MUSIC TURN IN:  As you probably are aware, Pam had a monumental task to prepare all of the music for Holy Week and Easter in a very limited time this year, and I know that we all appreciate her work.  I’ve asked Pam to collect all of the music for Holy Week and Easter, and I’d like to give her some time for sorting and filing.   There is a box with our choir folders in the music area on the last row of choir chairs where you can return the music listed below.  The box will be available whenever the church is open– you can bring your music if you attend any weekend mass either this weekend or next, or bring it by during the week, etc.  If you left your music in your folder, or didn’t participate for Holy Week, you are all set.  If you have music in your possession that is on the list below, kindly drop it off in the box in your folder by Monday, April 26th.  You may not have all of the music on this list– it will depend on which masses you participated in for Holy Week.    Please call Pam (248-852-9688) or email her ( if you have any questions.   I look forward to seeing you and making music again with you soon.   

The River is Here

Let the Holy Anthem Rise

Canticle of the Free

At the Cross

How Deep the Father’s Love

In Christ Alone

Roll Away the Stone

Good News Acclamation

Sequence for Easter

How Beautiful

Psalm 31-I Put My Life In Your Hands


Today Is the Day (Smith)

Pange Lingua

Worthy Is the Lamb

You Will Draw Water

Our Blessing Cup